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As an online business consultant, web developer, and entrepreneur, I understand the theory, methods, and implementation behind e-commerce. Throughout my 23-year career, I helped businesses of all sizes implement e-commerce strategies. Some only had a few product offerings while others had an extensive product inventory that was migrated from a brick and mortar location to an online marketplace only. Over the years, I have observed the technology advances that have made it easier and cost efficient for small businesses to create an e-commerce strategy without breaking the bank.

In Today’s competitive marketplace, e-commerce for businesses is a necessity. No longer is it considered nice to have. E-commerce has become interwoven into our daily lives just like our need for other basic life necessities. such as food and air. How important is e-commerce to consumers? Consumers are willing to pay for an annual Prime membership to shop online with Amazon.com and wait two days for their products to be delivered. I love shopping with Amazon because of the Prime delivery. Who does not like opening their door to find an Amazon box outside waiting?

In years prior to e-commerce, this was unheard of, but today it is commonplace. Why is that? Over the years, consumers’ needs have changed. Due to hectic schedules, the prevalence of mobile devices and apps, and the convenience of online shopping, consumers look for businesses that understand this and can cater to their seeds As a business owner, you do not want to miss your opportunity to connect with a global market 24 hours, seven days a week .

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