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Facebook Business Page Fan Page Design

Facebook Business Page / Fan Page Design

Facebook is by far the largest social media platform, with over on billion active users, countless profiles, pages, groups and rankings as the most used social media platform and necessary to rank at the top of Google.


  • Creating a facebook business profile page to promote your local business, company, organization, institution, brand or products.
  • Write your ‘About us’ profile with important keywords.
  • Set up your Instagram feed page | View Sample
  • Set up your Twitter feed page | View Sample
  • Set up your Pinterest feed page | View Sample
  • Create 3 posts to your facebook business page over a period of 3 days
  • Add open graph meta tagging to your website in order to improve readability when content is shared from your website to facebook | View Sample
  • Set up “Call to action button” I.E Buy now, Join newsletter, visit website.


upgrade to facebook ecommerce Add eCommerce to your facebook
business page | View Example

Includes free- Make downloadable product

Download the “Facebook marketing plan” (pg 35) Establish a vision on what to achieve on facebook

Step 1- Like this page (add facebook like button

Step 2 - Send us an email with your facebook profile link here (screenshot of link) - link it to contact us

Step 3 - We will email you the marketing plan

Rapportive- Is a gmail plugin that works with facebook and other social media sites, so when your exchanging emails with someone you can see their profile details helping you know how important someone is with whom you are interacting.


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