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Local SEO Google Maps Optimization

Let me elaborate on a few key points here. First, this offer is unique. It’s what I call a double-edged sword because it’s risky and expensive for us to offer, however, we generally see about 90% of the accounts we work on perform well in maps and produce increases = less refunds for us!

The reality is we know our numbers well enough at this point that we can confidently make this offer knowing roughly 9 out of 10 accounts will perform well and improve their rankings and metrics.

Now that we’ve covered how we are unique, let’s jump into how we actually sell the service!

The Benefits of ranking Top 3 in Google Maps will bring to them:

  1. More phone calls, leads, and new customers (i.e. more $$$$)
  2. More website visits
  3. More brand recognition and exposure

The bottom line is small businesses need the phone to ring because they always need more customers and ranking them on the top of Google for their best keywords does just that.




Local Business Optimization


What are the details/fine print?

We guarantee you’ll love the progress and results we deliver in the first 40 days 



6-month agreement with an ‘out’ end of the first month if the customer is not fully satisfied with progress (see below) and results of the campaign.

How long will it take to get results?

Typically we see results in 3-4 weeks though occasionally we see them in as little as 2 weeks and as many as 8 weeks.

How long is the contract?

It is a six month agreement with a 30-day out.

Do you have any set up fees or hidden charges?


Are you doing anything suspicious?/Will you get my account blacklisted?

Never. We do safe ‘white-hat’ SEO techniques like: optimizing your category, adding photos, publishing your .business website (the website contained within your Google Business Profile listing), making posts, creating products, building backlinks and so on.

What do you charge?

– $799/month for one keyword or closely related keyword

– $200/month additional to optimize for the second keyword

– $200/month additional for medical or legal campaigns

– $200/month additional for cities 1 million+

Are the results permanent? Will my rankings drop? What if I cancel?

No SEO results are permanent which is why you want us to be optimizing your listing on a monthly basis because rankings can fluctuate and there are major Google algorithm updates that happen throughout the year.

If you cancel, yes your listing rankings will drop. That is a natural occurrence when you stop doing the things that we do every single month (i.e. building backlinks, creating content etc)

Do you need access to my website?

Yes. If we do not gain access to your website to create a unique page of content for each keyword, then we cannot take you on as a client. 

How do I share access to my Google Business Profile with you/my clients?

In order to start work on your Google Maps listing, we need manager access granted to our email account

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