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Responsive Static Website Design Package

Responsive Static Website Design Package




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Custom made websites on a small budget

A responsive web design, built with HTMLS and CSS3, allows a website to ‘just work’ across multiple devices and screens. It enables the layout and capabilities of a website to respond to their environment (screen size, input type, device/browser capabilities). Furthermore, a responsive web design, built with HTML5 and CSS3, can be implemented without the need for server based/back-end solutions.

Static websites are the ideal way to present brochures of your products, images that explain your services and flash if you want to attract your targeted visitors. Our aim is to provide you very professional and customized static website designing services. Our website design team keeps in mind to make a SEO friendly design and keeping it user-friendly at the same time. We have record of designing many creative static web sites. Have a look over our Static Web Designs.

Benefits of having a Static Responsive Website:

  • Image Download & upload is easy and fast
  • Easily compatible with all browsers
  • Easy navigation with striking graphics can be done.
  • We can add maximum pages with minimum scripts and html.
  • Static sites are Search Engine friendly.
  • Fast indexed comparatively dynamic websites.


What Does The Responsive Static Web Design Package Include?

Custom Design and Setup :

1 Web Page Designed with unlimited revisions

Mobile Ready Responsive Web Design :

Take part of the mobile revolution and rest assure that your design will be mobile ready for the next generation in web design

PCI Compliant:

100% compliant with The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) designed to ensure that your website accepts, process, store or transmit credit card information in a secure environment.

Secure Connection (SSL/ https:)

Your website will be hosted on a secure connection making them 100% safe for all browsers while avoiding malicious attacks

Custom Logo Design :

We will create 1 matching custom logo. If you have your own logo we can use yours instead . A $150 value

Unlimited Telephone, email, Live Chat Support :

If you ever have any problems or need small or minor changes to your website, we will gladly do it at no additional cost. You also get our no wait tech support. and email support system for as long as you host your website with us.

1 Year Website Hosting:

Your new website incldues Hosting on our powerful servers along with email service<

SSL Secure Socket Layer:

rest assure your website will be highly secure furthermore Google now requires your website be on a s ecure connection in order to rack well



How We Work With Our Amazing Clients

Most projects can be completed in as little as 2 weeks depending upon revisions and requirements

  • Design consultation

STEP 1 : Proceed to checkout or contact us to place your order over the telephone.

  • Complete specification form

STEP 2 : After placing your order, you will be contacted by one of our professional website Designers to discuss the design project and gather any images, logos or text that might be needed. Our team of ecommerce & layout experts will work with you to determine the best design to match your brand, your products, your market and your business goals. If you don’t have your own images, don’t worry we have a huge selection of stock photography.

  • Receive Website Design Concept

STEP 3 : Our Design Staff will begin production on your website and email you a link to review the site along with additional instructions. We will also email you access to your admin control panel. Your website will enter design & production phase where all appropriate ecommerce features will be integrated into your website’s layout, tweaked for performance and tested credit card transactions.

  • Revisions and additional previews

STEP 4 : Once we receive your revisions and edit request,We will make apply and changes requested ans many times as needed with unlimited revisions ,

  • Approve your design

STEP 5 : We then setup a teamviewer chat to review the website together

  • Website Design Fully installed & tested

STEP 6 : Finally, once you have approved the final web design and ecommerce features, your website will be launched and submitted to the major search engines!

The process does not end once your website goes live. As long as you host your ecommerce website with Geografixx.com, you’ll have an army of ecommerce, web design, search engine placement and marketing experts as a part of your team. Our success depends on your success!

This service does not include adding invetory to your website. We offer data entry inventory management services as an additional service. However if you have your inventory in a spreadsheet then there is a good probability that we can add it at no extra cost. We would need to analyze your spreadsheet inventory first in order to determine if there are any issues with it.


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