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On Page Search Engine Optimization Phase I

On Page Search Engine Optimization Phase I





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Google applies user experience metrics to measure the value offered by a website; penalizing sites that lack value with a lower rank

1-10 seconds load time increases the bounce rate probability by 123%

Speeding up a site from 7 seconds to 2 seconds reduces bounces rate from 32.3% to 9.61%

Improving loading time by 2 seconds could mean a user is willing to visit 3 pages or more, which means a higher likelihood of adding items to the card for e-commerce sites

The faster the website the more pages Google can crawl and index, thus ranking higher on individual pages

Performance Optimization Services

Google Analytics :
Google Analytics :

Find valuable insights into customers, demographics, interests, online behaviors and more. Find out what works and what doesn’t, identify issues and get a sense for the general direction of your business. We will set up and install your overall analytics as well as conversion rate analytics.

Sitemap.xml :

Search engines automatically look for a special file on each site called the sitemap. Having this important file on your website

Check and repair crawl error
Check and repair crawl error :

This must have a file that exists so you can tell the areas of your site you don’t want google list in the search engine results. For example, Admin access areas, client info, image folders, Etc.

Increase readability
Increase readability :

Poorly researched and misspelled content will rank poorly and clarity is paramount. Spelling mistakes and making your content readable for the widest possible audience will achieve a higher rank on Google. A high flesch reading score with yield a higher Google rank. We will analyze the content on your home page for high readability and your entire website for typos. 

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First ImpressionFirst Impression

Satisfaction DropSatisfaction Drop by 16% with a 1-second delay

 SEo ServicesSpeed will help to build the confidence needed to give personal and billing information

seo services79% of visitors would not buy if they are not satisfied with a website performance

seo servicesCustomers remember loading times as being 35% longer than they actually are

server load times

improving 1 second

Amazon & Google studies show how improving 1 second website loading time will increase the conversion rate between 10% and 20%

lost sales due to slow websites

67 % Online shopper will abandon purchase in a slow website

Reducing loading time

Reducing loading time by 2.2 seconds can increase conversions by over 15%

load time

1 second delay in load time drops conversion by 7%


Walmart grew incremental revenue by up to 1 % for every 100ms of improvement

Key Benefits of the On Page SEO:

  • Improves  Local Results
  • Inexpensive & Powerful Marketing
  • Permanent Optimization Value
  • Good UX –> Better Conversion Rate
  • Improve CTR
  • More Organic Traffic Sources
  • Leverage Long Tail Keywords

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How We Work With Our Amazing Clients

Most projects can be completed in as little as 1 week depending upon revisions and requirements

  • SEO Phase II consultation

STEP 1 : Proceed to checkout or contact us to place your order over the telephone.

  • Complete specification form

STEP 2 : After placing your order, you will be contacted by one of our professional Campaign Manager to discuss your project and gather any concepts, logo examples or text that might be needed. Our team of SEO experts will work with you to determine the best strategy to match your brand, your products, your market, and your business goals.

  • Begin Production

STEP 5 : We then setup a install your Google Phase II code

  • Google Phase II Install & Configuration Completed

STEP 6 : Finally, once Google Phase II is installed, we will show you the results and give you insight on rank


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