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SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate




Geografixx strongly recommends a private SSL certificate as an important upgrade to your website. The basic function of an SSL is to encrypt all communication between the browser and the server, ensuring that all data goes through a secure (HTTPS) connection. An SSL certificate is a necessity when you want to:

Operate an online store.
If you want to follow the best ecommerce practices you need to add an SSL certificate to your online store.
Process sensitive data on your website
You need to protect data like credit card details, personal information, passwords, etc. especially when your visitors use public or insecure networks.
Rank higher in search engines.
The SSL certificate means that the site owner and content has been verified by a trusted authority which is important for Search Engines.
Have secure padlock on your website
Your visitors will see the familiar padlock and will feel more comfortable submitting information to your website.

Single root SSL certificate for 1  year.  Why waste your time and pay more purchasing SSL certificate with different provider when you can purchase it with us HASSLE FREE.  If your website is hosted with us, the purchase of an SSL certificate will be 100% automated.

Certificates have a 99% browser recognition. In addition, they are ideal for websites conducting low to medium volume and value ecommerce transactions. You are maximizing online sales and productivity by giving visitors the green light to transact confidentially with your site
Our Price is just $150/ yr

What the SSL Certificate includes

  • 256-bit Encryption
  • Mobile Device Capability
  • Multiple Subdomains
  • Dynamic Site Seal
  • Padlock/ Green Bar
  • SSL Installation
  • Dedicated IP