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Your Website Project Details are Very Important. We need as much information from you as possible in order to build you something amazing.


Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
If you have an existing Logo Please Upload It Here. Be sure to use a high resolution or really large logo size. Files allowed: .pdf, .png, .gif, .psd
Your Project Includes designing 1 free logo. If you want us to Design your logo enter just the logo name above
We recommend a maximum of 3 colors for your design. What are the colors you would like your website designed in?
If you do not have a google my business We recommend that you get one here https://business.google.com account

To Get Your Google MY Business

  1. login to your https://business.google.com account
  2. Click on this link https://bit.ly/36vzA52
  3. Paste The link Here

ADD Geografixx as an additional Owner to your GMB

  1. Go To Users> Add> https://bit.ly/3KVyajk
  2. add email [email protected] as an owner
To create your business page go to https://business.facebook.com/
Example, this is our link https://www.instagram.com/geografixx/
Please double check your credentials, donot go by the credentials in AUTOFILL
Your website might contain videos that we would prefer to load into your YouTube Account so the branding is consistent.
If you would like us to use our Youtube Account, leave this blank
You can find it here https://bit.ly/36vpi5c
If you have any other social media accounts that would like us to include and use please add them here.


This is the company from which you purchased Your Domain name from. Its typically Godaddy. If you don't have one yet, please purchase one at geodaddy.com
Please double check your credentials, donot go by the credentials in AUTOFILL


This section only applies if we are transfering your website content from your old website that is hosted with another hosting company. For most people the old hosting account is on your Godaddy.com account
what is the username of your old website hosting account?
what is the password of your old website hosting account?
What is the link where you login to your old hosting account?


If you would like to Use Google Gsuite email service you can signup here


Select as many that apply
Enter 3 keywords that describe what your website is about, or what you sell, or what you offer.

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Do you have any referring websites that you like us to style after? Any other additional function or design element ?
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