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Website Traffic Increase Organic

Website Traffic Plans

High quality website traffic at affordable prices, from one of the largest traffic networks

Tier 1

Starter Plan

Price: $99

200+ Daily Visitors

30 Day Campaign

6,000+ Total Visitors

3 Keywords/Niche

Promote to Visitors from: US, UK, Canada, and Germany

Tier 2

Most Ordered

Price: $155

400+ Daily Visitors

30 Day Campaign

12,000+ Total Visitors

3 Keywords/Niche

Promote to Visitors from: US, UK, Canada, and Germany

Tier 3

Best Value

Price: $199

600+ Daily Visitors

30 Day Campaign

18,000+ Total Visitors

3 Keywords/Niche

Promote to Visitors from the US

Larger Campaigns

Tier 4

Growth Business

Price: $399

2000+ Daily Visitors

30 Day Campaign

60,000+ Total Visitors

3 Keywords/Niche

Promote to Visitors from the US

Tier 5


Price: $2,500

20,000+ Daily Visitors

30 Day Campaign

600,000+ Total Visitors

3 Keywords/Niche

Promote to Visitors from the US

Use Cases

Website Promotion

Website Promotion: Acquire visitors who are interested in your business at significantly reduced costs compared to traditional Google Ads while improving organic SEO rankings.

Affiliate Products

Use niche-specific keywords to receive targeted customers at significantly reduced cost per acquisition as compared to CPC campaigns.

Marketing/SEO Agencies

Use our services to drive traffic to client sites, receive immediate results and improve off-page SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of websites can I use traffic campaigns for?

Our Standard Plans support all regularly hosted websites, as well as websites hosted on WordPress, Shopify, Etsy, Squarespace, and Redbubble. Our campaigns also supports affiliate offers and landing pages hosted by affiliate programs. We currently do not support Amazon, Wix and eBay.

Our Professional Plans support any website with Google Analytics installed, as we do not provide a separate tracking link (unlike our Standard Plans). Professional Plans do not support affiliate links or URL shorteners.

What kind of niche/products/offers do you support?

Our traffic campaigns supports nearly all niches. Some commonly promoted niches includes: local businesse, business websites, real estate, eCommerce stores, most affiliate offers (including CBD).

What keywords should I use?

Our campaigns work very similar to Google Ads, where we use keywords provided by customers to promote their websites. So keywords are used to drive targeted audiences. For this reason, we recommend using similar keywords as what you would like your website/business to be ranked for on Google. Some examples includes:

Business: Local locksmith business
Keywords: Miami lock smith, lock smith near me, lock smiths in Miami (it’s recommended you add your locale to the keywords for local businesses for better targeting)

Business: eCommerce arts craft store
Keywords: buy washi tapes online, buy sketching pencils, art suppliers

Business: Affiliate offer
Keywords: affiliate programs, online affiliate programs, join affiliate programs


For customers that are just starting off, we suggest starting with broader keywords in the initial campaign, and then narrowing into more specific keywords for products that convert well in future campaigns. For customers that knows what products or offers convert well, using more specific keywords is a great way to leverage past campaign experience to reach more audiences.
Read more about keyword selection on our How to Choose Traffic Campaign Keywords help article

I've ordered, when will I receive traffic?

Standard Plans: Our team starts building campaigns as soon as we’ve received the order and typically takes 3-5 days to build the campaign depending on order backlog. As soon as your campaign goes live, our fulfillment team will send an email along with a tracking/reporting link. The reporting link is similar to a regular bit.ly link that allows customers to track daily traffic stats. Alternatively, customers who has Google Analytics installed will see the traffic on GA as well after the campaign goes live. Subscription orders also start 3-5 days after it’s monthly renewal date. Our team ensures there are no gaps between each months’ campaign for Subscriptions. 

Professional Plans: Like our Standard Plans, all orders are manually built and takes 2-3 calendar days. We do not provide a separate tracking link as all Professional Plan customers are required to have Google Analytics installed to track visitor stats.

What's a subscription?

One-time orders are 30 day campaigns that allows customers to promote up to 3 keywords and automatically stops at the end of the 30 day period.

For customers that want to use more keywords or want campaigns to continue each month without manually reordering, we also offer Subscriptions. Subscription campaigns automatically renew each month, while also offering a 20% discount on all future months after the first. Customers who order a subscription can also provide up to 50 keywords instead of the 3 for one-time orders. Our team will rotate through these 50 keywords each month automatically

Can I update my keyword or website?

For Standard Plans, we accept one keyword and/or website update per month.

For Professional Plans, we accept up to 2 keyword updates per month, but do not allow website changes mid-month for one-time orders. Customers that are on a monthly subscription can change their websites ahead of the next months’ renewal.

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